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his is my "play" section. Currently, this section contains some music that I have worked on in the past, as well as some current work. I should state that most (if not all) of these pieces are not mastered in anyway shape or form. This is probably from a combination of reasons. 1- I have always thought that I'd get back to the song to make it better. 2- I never really asked for subjective listener feedback, which would have made me feel more comfortable with finalizing the song. Or, 3- I just ran out of time, or moved onto a "fresh" idea for some change. No, this is not the ideal method for writing music for efficiency sake, but then again, this has always been a hobby of mine for personal pleasure and not for money.

Eventually, I'll probably add a seperate playtime section devoted to some coding experiments and other developement stuff that I fool around with. But for now, check out the tunes if you'd like...

Play lists

In the works- Current stuff, mostly incomplete.
Chill- Mostly chill.
Up Tempo- Faster stuff & techno
From the Attic- Very old stuff - circa 2000-ish

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