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can say anything I want about myself, or say I did this or that. But, really, what is more telling than what other people think of you? Here is what people have said about me and my work:

Flexibility and Multi-Tasking

"Ryan moves between tasks and projects with ease, creating efficient work environments with the creation of tools for use among project team members. He actually increases their ability to be more flexible."

"Ryan consistently exceeds in multi-tasking. He seeks to push the envelope, juggles tasking across multiple projects and has developed tools to increase team collaboration and improve process."


"Ryan is willing to dig in on tasks, pursuing solutions on his own time all the while bringing it back to the team to ensure projects are not only successful but of the highest quality."


"Ryan melds well with all of his team members. He mentors those junior to him, respects the various disciplines that make up the team and provides valuable feedback to ensure projects are successful. Ryan is humble, often diminishing his role and applauding the team instead."

"-Always putting team and project objectives in front of his own. Builds strong rapport with teammates developing a positive work environment and ultimately influencing the end product."

"Ryan works well with all of his team members - he develops and maintains positive relationships that server to enhance understanding, foster communication, and improve motivation."


"Ryan leads technical development in a manner that focuses on reusability and efficiency. He is knowledgeable in gauging the level of effort for projects with varying technology. Ryan manages tasks/project plans with well thought out execution and correctly assigned personnel. He continually strives for tool development to aid in streamlining development on projects - creating more and more value-add to our clients' products."

"Leading technical development of projects with efficiency in mind, drawing in others to help push the bounds of creativity, which greatly enhances the overall program and team personnel performance."

"Ryan is an exceptional leader for a number of reasons, one of those his ability to listen to others. Ryan listens to other's concerns and ideas with openness and sincerity. He validates other's thoughts and encourages input and participation. Ryan is able to solve project conflicts through open communication and sharing of ideas."

"Ryan is viewed as a technical leader by his peers and managers. Ryan willingly assumes the technical leadership role on projects and also helps to manage the effective use of resources."

Job Knowledge

"Ryan is continually developing better tools and techniques based on his experience in web and education technology. He continues to provide a number of efficiencies to our directorate which has saved hundreds if not thousands of hours of work. Ryan is quick to note requirements that may be a challenge or out of scope and derives plans to achieve these tasks, while not shorting the other project tasks."

"Ryan actively participates in identifying critical work issues, and proposes solutions that are scalable and efficient."

"Ryan consistently exceeds expectations in the area of job knowledge. He regularly takes on challenging tasks, and thus he is continuing to grow and improve. He is looked at by his peers as a wealth of knowledge; who is always willing to share that knowledge and mentor others. Ryan regularly applies his development knowledge in a manner that his work always seems to output to reusable technology that expand core capabilities, improve processes, increase quality, and streamline production for the entire directorate."

Client Relationships

"Ryan has worked with 3 state department of correction IT departments over the past year. He has worked with ease in the different environments as well as handling different client requests and unique issues. He continually receives great praise from his program managers and from direct clients from his positive personality and his "can do" attitude."

"Ryan's work ethic and job knowledge are tremendous attributes that contribute to clint trust and repeat work."


"Ryan is extremely clear in his communication, communicating to the point with succinct definition and clarity."

"Ryan is excellent in conveying difficult technical concepts to a non-technical audience which unifies the team and clients and solidifies the planned path"

"Ryan is open in his communication to his team members and peers. He accepts criticism, suggestions, and takes the time to fully explain his ideas and plans to the rest of the team."